Penguins! 4.0

Controls Ace the penguin on his journey of escaping from the Zoo
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Visits the Zoo where Ace the penguin and his friends are, and accompanies them on their journey to escape from the Zoo. The penguins make use of all kind of gadgets and tactics to avoid the Zookeepers. The game has 8 different zoo zones, day or night time and progress tracking.

Penguins! is an adorable strategy game in which you should help the penguins rescue their friend, Ace, who has gone missing. Your job is to help them find their way out of the zoo. Every level has a number of penguins that need to be rescued in order to continue with the next area of the zoo. There are many gadgets that are necessary to help the penguins through the zoo. You must place them in their correct places to be useful for the penguins. To use the gadgets, just drag them from the the tray and place them wherever you want. Some gadgets can also be rotated by right-clicking on them. If you finish a level before the time indicated at the beginning of every level, you are awarded a trophy. There is a number of coins scattered through the levels that help you earn money to buy great things at the gift shop. There you will find cute stories, more songs, more levels, etc.
If you don´t succeed on your first try or want to improve your score, you can try again, but all the collected coins, rescued penguins, and gadgets used will be re-spawn. If you need help, you can click on the hint button which will reveal some clues. If you hit the button again, the game will reveal the way you should be going, and if you do it one more time, it will show where to place different gadgets. As you progress, the levels get more and more challenging with enemies that you will have to avoid, if you don´t want to lose penguins on the way.
Al the levels represent beautiful scenarios featuring the different parts of the zoo. The penguins are adorable, and they also produce cute sounds on their way to the exit. The music is also really pleasant and suits the game perfectly well.
All in all, Penguins! is a really cute and enjoyable game that will satisfy all your expectations.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Adorable theme
  • Cute graphics
  • Great scenarios
  • Challenging
  • Original gameplay
  • Awesome gift shop


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